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Monday-Friday 7am-5pm CST

New and Remanufactured Perkins Engines

The Perkins Engine Specialists

Perkins Engines Applications

Diesel Specialists, LLC is proud to be one of the few companies with the personnel, expertise, tooling and testing equipment to be classified as a Perkins Master Service Dealer. We carry a complete line of new Perkins Diesel engines that are used worldwide in heavy equipment, pumps, generators and forklifts such as Hyster, Clark and Caterpillar. Most packages are equipped, radiator through flywheel, ready for immediate installation.

Remanufactured Perkins Engines

In addition, we carry a large quantity of Perkins remanufactured engines. These engines are an incredibly cost effective way of getting new engine performance out of your old engine with minimal cost and downtime. In addition, you can get credit for your old engine by turning it in after making the exchange.

Search our Inventory of Perkins Engines

For your convenience, the tables below allow you to search our engines by type of application. If you need assistance, please request a quote or call us at 855.470.3524. Our knowledgeable staff will promptly return complete pricing and availability for your review.

Hyster | Clark | Skid Steer Loaders | JCB
Massey/Agricultural Applications | Miscellaneous
Caterpillar Applications (Perkins Branded) | Caterpillar Applications (Cat Branded)




Application Perkins Model Build List
H110-150E 4.236 LD21100R
S60-100E 4.236 LD70115
S120 150 4.236 LD70116
P60-80 4.236 LD70117
A66 OR Z90B 4.236 LD70118
C350-530 - Compactor 4.236 LD70119
H110-150F 4.236 LD70121
H60-110E 4.248.2 LG70127
H60-110XL 4.248.2 LG70184
H60-80XM - Low Emission 704.26 UB70444
S80-155XL - Space Saver 1004.4 AA70216
H80-155XL 1004.4 AA70218
S80-155XL/XM - Low Emission 1004.42 AR70414
H80-155XL/XM  - Low Emission 1004.42 AR70417
H80-155 TIER 2 1104C-44 RE38038
H165-360XL 1006.6 YA70217
H165-360XL 1006.6 YA70337
H165-360XL 1006.6T YB70344
H165-360XL - Low Emission 1006.6 YG70403
H165-360XL - Low Emission 1006.60T YH70393
HD F.L.T Tier 2 Electronic 1106C.E66TA VK37857

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Application Perkins Model Build List
CY60-70-80B (Balanced) 4.236 LD21386
CY60-70-80B (Balanced) 4.236 LD21386R
C500Y C60-S100 (Balanced) 4.248.2 LG70103
C500Y 110-155 4.248.2 LG70107
C500Y-C60-100 (Balanced) 4.248.2 LG70188
C500H 60-80 (Balanced) 4.236G LE70157
C500 60-S100 CR (Balanced) 4.236G LE70175
C500-100/135 (Balanced) 4.236G LE70185
C500Y 110-155 (Balanced) 1004.4 AA70370

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Skid Steer Loaders


Application Perkins Model Build List
970- 974 Bobcat RHS 4.236B LD70095
943-953 Bobcat LHS 4.236B LD70177
963 Bobcat - low emission 1004.40T AK70383
1700C -1800CX Scat Trak 1004.4 S AG70324
1800 Scat Trak-low emission 1004.42S AR70419

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JCB Applications


Application Perkins Model Build List
JCB F.L.T / T.D.L 4.236S LD50222
JCB 500 Series Loadall 4.236TS LJ50231
JCB Loadall 1004.4S AA50430
JCB Repl. 1004.4TS AB50444
JCB (non-stressed block) 1004.4T AB50511
JCB Repl. 1004.4TS AC50290
JCB Repl. 1004.42 AR50748
JCB Repl. 1004.40T AK50667
JCB Repl. 1004.40TW AM51098
JCB Repl. - Tier 2 1104C-44 RE38038
JCB Repl. 1006.6 YA50532
JCB Repl. 1006.6T YB50694

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Massey/Agricultural Applications


Application Perkins Model Build List
MF Replacement D3.152 CE31166
MF/landini Replacement 4.236S LD22573
MF Replacement 4.248S LF31152
MF Replacement 1004.4TS AH31390
MF Replacement 1004.4S AJ31365

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Miscellaneous Applications


Champ Rough Terrain F.L.T.4.236LD22634

Application Perkins Model Build List
Champ Rough Terrain F.L.T. 4.236G LE70163
Champ Rough Terrain F.L.T. 4.236T LJ70170
Vermeer Repl. - Low Emission 704.3 UA70482
Vermeer Chipper/Grinder 4.236 LD30830
Vermeer Chipper/Grinder 4.236T LJ30848
Vermeer Repl. - Low Emission 1004.42 AR70428
Vermeer Repl. - Low Emission 1004.40T AK70453
Skat Trak 4.236 LD33672
Skat Trak 4.236T LJ33695
Base Engine Balanced 4.236T LJ30848
Gradall 534B 4.236T LJ70167
Johnston Sweeper 1004.4 AA50271
Johnston Sweeper 1006.6TA YE70301
Sellick FLT 1004.4 AA50324
Sellick FLT - Low Emission 1004.42 AR50666
Eagle Pitcher 1004.42N AS70435
KD Manitou 1004.4 AA81268
KD Manitou 1004.4T AB80821
KD Manitou - Low Emission 1004.42 AR80980
KD Manitou - Low Emission 1004.40T AK81289
KD Manitou - Low Emission 1104C-44TA RJ81403
Ingersol-Rand VR90 1004.4T AB70215
Ingersol-Rand - Low Emission 1004.40T AK70386
Taylor F.L.T. 4.248.2 LG33666
Taylor F.L.T. 1006.6 YA70245
Taylor F.L.T. - Low Emission 1006.60T YH70406
Kalmar F.L.T. 1006.6 YA80569
Power unit Repl. 4.236T LJ30844
Power unit Repl. 1004.4T AB35002
Power unit Repl. 1004.40TW AM36554
Power unit Repl. 1006.6T YB30650
Power unit Repl. 1006.6TW YD30803
Timberjack Forwarder 1006.6TW YD80779
Linde Baker F.L.T. 903.27 CP81149
Linde Baker F.L.T. 1004.4N AG80757
Linde Baker F.L.T. 1004.4N AA80427
Linde Baker F.L.T. 1004.4 AP80975
Linde Baker F.L.T. 1006.6 YA50499
Linde Baker F.L.T. 1006.6T YB50528
Power unit Repl. 1006-60TW YK36289
  1104C-44T RG38060
  1104C-44 RE230-3483 Get a Quote
  1104C-44 RE38037
  1104C-44 RE38038
  1104C-44 RE38055
  1104C-44 RE38061
  1104C-44 RE38072
  1104C-44 RE38141
  1104C-44 RE38143
  1104C-44 RE38154
  1104C-44 BALANCED RE70529
  1104C-44T RG244-3103 Get a Quote
  1104C-44T RG38100
  1104C-44T RG38119
  1104C-44T RG38144
  1104C-44T RG38304
  1104C-44T RG38500
  1104C-44T RG38557
  1104C-44T BALANCED RG51208
  1104C-44T RG51236
  1104C-44T RG81374
  1104C-E44T RH38009
  1104C-E44T RH70538
  1104C-44TA RJ38235
  1104C-44TA RJ38275
  1104C-44TAG2 RJ51155
  1104C-44TA BALANCED RJ51157
  1104C-44TA BALANCED RJ70531
  1104C-44TA RJ81376
  1104C-E44TA RK70536
  1104C-E44TA RK81395

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Caterpillar Application (Perkins-Branded)


Application Perkins Model Build List
416/418 Backhoe Loader 4.236 (stress) LD70200
660P F.L.T. - Rope Seal 4.236 LD20977R
V60-V80D F.L.T 4.236 LD22242
416/418 Backhoe Loader 4.236T (stress) LH70202
660P F.L.T. 4.236 LD20977
V100-140C F.L.T. 4.236 LD70093
V100-140C F.L.T. 4.236 LD70101
R40-80D F.L.T. 4.236 LD70111
V80D F.L.T. G4.236 LE70089
V100-140 F.L.T. G4.236 LE70094
R40-80 F.L.T 4.236G RLE70110
T60-150D F.L.T. 4.236G LE70148
V80D F.L.T. 4.248.2 LG70090
T60-150D F.L.T. 4.248.2 LG70149
CP433B Compactor 4.236T LJ33590

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Caterpillar Applications (Cat Branded)


Application Cat Model Arrangement
416B Loader         3054 7E7702  
Backhoe Loader 3054  106-5001 Get a Quote
Backhoe Loader 3054T 7E9559 Get a Quote
Backhoe Loader  3054T  7E9560 Get a Quote
Backhoe Loader 3054T  106-5002/3 Get a Quote
Backhoe Loader  3054T 153-5364 Get a Quote
Backhoe Loader  3054T Tier 1 122-8803/4/5 Get a Quote
Backhoe Loader 3054T Tier 1 187-8014 Get a Quote
Skid Steer 3034 147-1232 Get a Quote
Skid Steer  3034  147-1233 Get a Quote
Skid Steer  3034 144-6194 Get a Quote
Skid Steer  3034T 147-1234 Get a Quote
Skid Steer  3024C 179-1808 Get a Quote
Skid Steer  3024CT 233-6648 Get a Quote
Wheel loader 3034 163-0248 Get a Quote
Wheel loader 3034T 159-9214 Get a Quote
Wheel loader  3054T Tier 1 107-4860 Get a Quote
Wheel loader  3054T Tier 1 203-0762 Get a Quote
Wheel loader  3056T Tier 1 138-7719 Get a Quote
Manitou 3054B Tier 1 180-2731 Get a Quote
Telehandler 3054 107-3778 Get a Quote
Telehandler  3054T 118-2942 Get a Quote
Telehandler 3054T Tier 1 130-6342 Get a Quote
Paver 3054T 100-8184 Get a Quote
Paver  3054T Tier 1 130-4800 Get a Quote
Paver 3054TW Tier 1 144-6192 Get a Quote

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