Perkins 1000 Series Engines

Perkins 1000 Series

As an Authorized Perkins Diesel Service Dealer, we have a huge inventory of genuine parts for Perkins 1000 Series engines, including the following models:

  • 1004-4

  • 1004-4T

  • 1004-40

  • 1004-40T

  • 1004-42

  • 1006-6

  • 1006-6T

  • 1006-60

  • 1006-60T

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Perkins 1000 Series Engine Specifications

Configuration 4 stroke 4- and 6- cylinder inline engine
Aspiration Naturally aspirated and turbocharged
Cooling Water-cooled
Other Info Download the Perkins 1004-4 63.5 kW data sheet
Download the Perkins 1004 TG1 64-69.5 kW data sheet
Download the Perkins 1006-6 96.5 kW data sheet
Download the Perkins 1006-6T 119 kW data sheet
Download the Perkins 1006-6TW 136 kW data sheet


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